What Are Bad Links?

Links the good bad and ugly
7th February 2019
Relevant Content and avoiding pitfalls that could hurt your site
8th February 2019

What Are Bad Links?

Bad links are basically links from bad neighbours – websites that are spammy and can damage your sites reputation and if there are enough of them, they can get you de-indexed off Google which would be a disaster.The good news is, we can help remove them.

How do you get bad links?

Employing someone to build links and they sound surprisingly cheap, (example $99 per month appearing to be from the USA but in fact in Asia is often the case) we have a client who came to us in 2010, he commented he cant find his site on Google so we looked and sure enough it was not there. Researching the domain he had 1M bad links from Porn sites, spam forums and much more, we then went about helping him remove the bad links and 4 months later the majority were gone and he appeared back on the search engines.

Avoid spammy links to your site

It may be tempting to build lots of wild links, create lots of blogs, guestbook entries but it will all end ultimately in disaster and the road to recovery can be long.

We can carry out a  links review on your site and help remove them if required

For your piece of mind, we can carry out a full audit of the links to your site and provide professional advice on the impact they are making and provide a cost effective solution to removing them for you. Contact us today.