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Search engine optimisation (SEO) is a must have service for any business looking to reach potential buyers on the internet in the UK or in other countries. The purpose is to get more views (more traffic) on your website and thus more potential sales resulting in profit for your company. Its true that the more visible you are on Google, the more potential sales you will make and thus grow your business accordingly. Some may suggest Bing or other search engines, but in reality the volume of traffic it they send will be low, its Google that rules the roost. We have many years of experience in search engine marketing, helping many clients have increased sales year on year and a stable, expanding business making us one of the best and most affordable SEO agencies in the UK.

Nothing in this world stays the same and this applies to SEO also, its forever changing... thank fully the team at EMP keep a constant check on any and all algorithmic changes for you to ensure your site is safe as it can be.We have a full digital marketing team who have many years experience and deliver outstanding results for all our clients, this coupled with our complete coverage of all types of sites including Ecommerce, large corporate sites means one call to us and your promotion is in progress.

Whether you require local SEO in the county your trade in to complete coverage of the whole county and beyond, contact us today.

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No matter what part of the world you operate in, be it the UK or worldwide as your SEO Agency we can help you.


We believe our team comprise of some of the best people on the planet who are experts in there field getting constant top results for all types of customers. The goal of EMP Webs is to get your the best return on investment possible and help you expand your presence on the web. Take a look at some of the results we have obtained for our clients and then get in touch to see how we can help you today.

SEO Services from EMP


The SEO we apply to your site is geared around the products or services you wish to rank for on the search engines. Below is a list of our popular SEO services.



For all types of business when your looking to target the area/county your located in. Targeting the whole area and all towns locally.



When you are looking to rach the whole country with your product and service offerings. Targeting all counties from Lands End to John o' Groats



Selling online is the way to go and with our promotional services your products will be seen by the masses. A popular service helping you reach your goals.



We have a skill team who specialise in Scial media marketing using there skills to help you develop and promote your brand



Find out your strong and weak points on your site and how you can improve it with a full audit.



Having a good website is one thing but if its not optimised correctly it will fail. This service will cover upto 20 pages.



We are happy to provide you with help and advice at no cost.

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