Links the good bad and ugly

What Are Bad Links?
8th February 2019

Links the good bad and ugly

GoogleSo there are many who claim to be authorities on web promotion who would say “build lots of links”  “more links the better” and the like but in fact none of the sites we have made and promoted for clients have any links created by us bar social media ones.

99% of our clients are on page 1 of Google and once they arrive on page 1, they normally stay there as the service we provide delivers what’s promised – results and ROI.

Why do you need an abundance of links? fact is you don’t. Its true that Social Media Marketing is relevant but that does not include of lots of useless or Blackhat links which can damage the reputation of your site on Google and your company can be penalised accordingly.

So the moral of the story, if a person suggests link building for your site (not social media marketing) then turn them down flat. With correct on page Search engine optimisation your site and SMM your site will rise on its own.