Relevant Content and avoiding pitfalls that could hurt your site

What Are Bad Links?
8th February 2019

Relevant Content and avoiding pitfalls that could hurt your site

articlesThere is an old saying in the SEO industry, its called content is king and for good reason. You can visit a website and it may not have much too say just link to PDF files or worse still lots of ads, this coupled with limited content makes your site in fact a thin site in the eyes of Google.

Relevance is important

This goes without saying, if your a plumber for example and your site discusses pipes and not plumbing etc, you are doomed to failure not just on the search engines but also from the viewing public. When you create content for your site, think about the viewer how will they read it? does it make sense? relevant to what your company offers? etc so relevance is a key factor for any website.

Keyword stuffing

A pointless exercise, constantly adding keywords to content is going to end in disaster and from Goggles point of view, your site content would be seen as spam thus ineffective. Sparse use of keywords is important when it comes to marketing your site and to gain some reality on this just read what you have typed to yourself and see if it makes sense, if it doesn’t then it will be the same for the viewer.

Using articles you did not write yourself

Google is wise and if you use content from another there will be repercussions. If you did not write it, don’t use it on your site! its duplicate content and frowned upon. That said, the original writer may find his content on your site and look for compensation too.

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You can go to say Bing, Google, Yahoo and they provide an array of pictures, at first glance this seems fine and the train of thought might be “I will add that to my site as its free” well, dont! Chances are its a copyrighted image and could well land you in hot water financially. A client we had in the past used a small picture from Google images on his site, turned out that the picture was owned by a major player in stock photos. The client received a letter demanding £2500 compensation and had to pay it.

The moral of the story don’t use free images!

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