FAQ On SEO Website Promotion and Marketing

Common Questions We are Asked:

Q. How long does it take to see results?

a. This depends on many factors but the average is 25 working days from initial work carried out

Q. Do you guarantee we will arrive on page 1 of Google?

a. No, its impossible to state this. The vast majority of our clients have keywords on page 1 in around 12 days but nothing can ever be guaranteed.

Q. What do you need to get started on our website?

a. We need the username/password for the cpanel.

Q. Can I choose from a list of keywords?

a. Yes indeed, we carry out keyword research and then email you a list of the best ones to target for your business.

Q. Do you email over reports on progress?

a. Yes every month we will compile a report and email you it.

Q. If my website needs additional work like fixing sections of it can you do this?

a. We can, but an additional charge is payable.

Q. Does it help building lots of links to my website?

a.We don`t employ this practice at all, only selected relevant links are created.

Q. I read so many things about getting high on Google and you must do this and that..whats the truth how do I get my site on page 1?

a.Google makes statements sometimes or appears too but the matter of fact is if you want to get more visitors to your site, we can help employing what works.

Q. Do you provide a PPC - Adwords Service?

a.Nope, none of our clients have ever needed them.